Whom do we serve

e-Commerce Operators

You want to drive shoppers to your web site, have them select their items or coupons of interest in the quickest way and with the minimum amount of clicks.

Retail Advertisers

You manage hundreds of ad spots for products in promotion across your chain this week, even personalize them for individual shoppers, and you want to make it happen in 10% of the time and cost.

Marketing Professionals

Whether you are a marketing communication manager in a corporation or a freelance marketing professional you want to create cross-channel product and service ads, but you don’t have the time, budget or graphic resources to spend.

XC Cross-Media Publishing Suite

XC Showroom PCM

One integrated, Cloud-based platform that you can access 24/7 from anywhere to manage your product master database, unstructured contents, and assets of all types. Employees and partners could collaborate, publish and syndicate on demand or automatically to multiple e-commerce sites. Learn More…

XC Ad Builders

Two automatic Ad Builder tools from xCircular will help you to increase productivity and manage the complexity of creating hundreds of product ad spots in seconds.
XC HTML Ad Builder automates the population of HTML5 templates with product data from an Excel file and to create digital ad banners. XC InDesign Ad Builder populates similarly InDesign templates to create print or digital ad banners. Learn more…

Cross-Channel Deliverables

You have developed branding guidelines to keep your publications consistently on brand. Once your brand templates are ready, use them for web and e-commerce product pages, catalogs, flyers, coupons, TV signage and more. Convert product images on the fly to target formats and pixel resolutions as optimally needed. See how to publish cross-media on brand…

I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to the entire xCircular team for the production of the holiday signs (over 200 signs). The execution was fast and efficient and the politeness and level of service were of the highest!!! And most important: the wonderful reactions that we have received from all of the chain’s branches.

Y. Mazaltrim,

Director of Non-food Department

I would like to thank you for publishing the first Organic and Green magazine using xCircular. The execution was most impressive and greatly surprised me. Within two hours of the moment of getting the Excel, we already had a ready magazine of the highest level. Don’t get complacent; the requirements will only become greater.

O. Mayost,

Director of Health Goods Department, Trade Division