There are few ways in wich you can engage with xCircular

At xCircular we encourage professional self-development, and enrichment, we believe that people can get involved with our work from their home via the Internet, as trainee/volunteer, as employees, as a freelance or as a business partners.
At xCircular we have various needs and positions in the areas of graphic arts, product management, mathematics and algorithm, Software development, QA, sales, marketing and business development

Trainee/ Volunteer Program

During the year, there are sessions related to our past and future developments. As a volunteer you can take part with inventing, designing, developing and marketing new publishing technologies and services. This program enables you to take part, evolve and create with others. Let us know you want to take part.

Employee Program

At xCircular there are great positions for professionals that are experienced with the creative tools of Adobe as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Flash. There are also amazing and challenging positions for software developers that are expert with MS-SQL Server, C#, Flex, Action Script, HTML, JavaScript, and for sales and marketing experts that would like to promote the xCircular concept worldwide via their contacts or by executing sales and marketing activities.   Send us your CV.


If you are an Entrepreneur and would like to establish new venture within the concept and vision of xCircular, we welcome you to contact XC and share with us your vision.