March 21st, 2017 – Home electronics chain joins XC-360 to enhance visual shopping experience

An international manufacturer and distributor of electric appliances launched its XC-360 platform to manage its items as part of their new visual shopping experience. Products are shown in full 360 view and become easier to buy online.

February 2nd, 2017 – New analytics reports in XC DAM focus on viral adoption

This month, xCircular added analytics reports to XC-DAM, showing users’ activity and sharing information. These reports show where progress and growth are made and where improvement or training might be necessary.

January 17th, 2017 – Electrical manufacturer takes on Flipping Catalogs and 360 photos

xCircular has proven that its cloud solutions and professional services have significant advantages. A Canadian electrical manufacturer now hosts its online flipping catalogs using XC servers to enable online users to view, search and share product pages. In addition, 360-degree photography by XC was highly effective, thanks to special effects and image sequencing of products’ functional angles along with management and sharing tools from the Cloud.

December 10th, 2016 – E-tailer debuts its i-Catalog shopping experience

UK based online marketplace for flooring and wall covering goes live with XC i-Catalog as part of XC’s new visual shopping experience using inspiration images. This service allows each store in the marketplace to customize its e-commerce product offering – tailoring the offerings based on the user’s postal code.

September 2nd, 2016 – National electronics focuses on store signage with XC

A national electrical home appliances retailer goes live with XC content management system for automatic creation of store signage. The XC digital platform helps the company to better manage multiple versions of store signage and extend into managing products’ detailed specifications, promotional pricing and visuals.

May 9th, 2016 – DIY hardware retailer goes live with XC

A leading DIY hardware retailer goes live with XC content management for the automation of promotional circular creation.

March 12th, 2016 – US wholesaler uses XC for PIM, DAM and Ad-Builder

US wholesaler uses the XC-Cloud solutions, establishing an item data and asset repository for expanding its XC-Builder implementation for automating the ad creation of their grocery weekly promotional flyers.

23 December 2015 – A top-5 Retailer goes live with xCircular flyers

xCircular finished within three months and on time building the image archive and enterprise creative style-guide for a top-5 Retailer in Israel to begin production of their weekly print flyers and digital materials as the initial step towards implementing promotions in other channels.

December 15 th , 2015 – Online grocery retailer launches XC 360 images

A leading online grocery retailer in Israel decided to enhance its user experience by adding the XC-
Showroom experience and 360 degree photos of their selected products to their e-commerce
site. xCircular provided its showroom shopping experience with 360 photography services and
administrator tools to enable repurposing of the new GUI across multiple targets.

26 February 2015 – A top-10 food retailer starts ad production with XC

Six weeks after signing with xCircular, the food retailer was able to establish image repository, collect their promotional information and start producing weekly flyers and signage in print.

“This was another great collaboration with our new customer on an inventive platform that enabled them to quickly kick-off and implement the project for beyond expected results” says Aviel Amit, founder of xCircular.

24 February, 2015 – XC Ad Builder is now Adobe InDesign CC compatible

xCircular is known to have been using Adobe’s rich creative development environment specifically specializing in InDesign. As Adobe shifted their focus to Creative Cloud, improved functionality and performance, XCircular is following suit. xCircular completed a version of XC Ad Builder to be compatible with Adobe InDesign CC. This means that thousands of InDesign CC clients could take advantage of xCircular’s automatic ad creation in print, web and mobile in one step. Finally marketing managers and professionals could save the time of multiple revisions and proofreading of their ads in these three channels. They could rely on xCircular Ad Builder to feed their own branded templates with images and data to create ads automatically.

17 February, 2015 – xCircular signs with a UK flooring Retailer

A UK flooring retailer providing a marketplace helping customers choose the right floor. xCircular has defined the objective of providing this retailer a platform for asset management, publishing catalogs & product-sheets, creation of better user experience and personalized solutions for better flooring selection. Aviel Amit adds: “We are excited for the opportunity to develop and implement unique competitive edge for them”.

4 February 2015 – Plastic furniture leader Joins xCircular Customer Base

xCircular signed with a global leader in plastic furniture manufacturer. The objective is delivering rich-content management, sharing, collaboration and publishing system for central marketing as well as its subsidiaries. “We are extremely honored and pleased to see the confidence the management has shown towards xCircular’s platform” said Avi Shani, the Rainmaker at xCircular. XC DAM and XC Ad Builder are the products in this scope of implementation.

14 January 2015 – xCircular signs with another top-10 food retailer

A family-owned chain of supermarkets in Israel understood the value to flexibly and automatically publish their promotions using the xCircular platform. In this project again, XC DAM is planned to contain the assets and XC Ad Builder to create their ads.

1 January 2015 – XC DAM helps in collaboration for Electrical Distributors

A leader in the Electrical Distribution business in Canada went live with XC Digital Asset Management system and collaborate with partners on asset sharing and usage for their promotional program. XC DAM is the only one in the market with assets and additional information associated to items.

The first step includes 10K assets searchable and sharable through the cloud and the idea is to assist more distributors join the service and enjoy from the same pool of assets for their promotions.

7 October 2014 – XC extended with web ads and XC DAM

A large supermarket chain in Eastern US extended their service with XCircular to XC-DAM and to digital ads as well. Their promotion ads will publish on multplicity of channels in a single step saving approval times and parallel production efforts.

17 March, 2014 – XC Ad Builder V2.0 – Released

XC Page Builder was renamed XC Ad Builder and given a broader scope of functionality. Focused development on this module in the past few months has added improved performance across XC-For Excel, XC-For InDesign, and XC-For Desktop; Multiple editorial roles and permission management per section, users and groups; Campaign planning and space allocation for media pages and in-store displays; Cross-platform PC/Mac compatibility and more.

For product queries or requests for demos – Contact us

21 August, 2013 – XC Shopper V1.0 now released for beta…

XC is announcing XC Shopper, a new cloud platform enabling advertisers to manage, share, distribute, and advertise their cross-media content and digital assets for print, web and mobile, indexed and searchable by Google. This new tool enables users to publish cross-channel circulars with some amazing new functions:

  1.  Digital flipping magazine where ad-items are searchable, selectable and zoomable
  2.  Visual Search Engine that can search multiple circulars at the same time
  3. Content and Digital Asset Management
  4. Download, email, and pickup options for coupons and assets
  5. Cross-Media access from IE, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Android, and Windows Phones
  6. Hosting and Google indexing/publishing of ads created with XC Ad Builder
  7.  Soaring efficiency: 2x media space savings, and 5x reusing of contentFor a private demo, contact us
24 June, 2013 – Eden Teva starts xCircular production in record time!

Eden Teva is one of the largest organic food retailers in Israel with a small marketing department that handles the production of promotions and advertising campaigns.It all started with one of XC’s fan who posted a note on another retailer’s Facebook wall, saying, “your ads need a facelift, you should look how xCircular can do it”, without XC being aware of it.Then when one of Eden’s executives saw this Facebook posting, he contacted via xCircular via its web site and asked for a demo. xCircular was awarded the job of creating printed signage and digital promotional email coupons. Within 2 days of getting the green light, xCircular was able to streamline the creation process by preparing an Excel-based data feed and producing ads on two different page sizes, 7 different pricing types (e.g. 50{75b22d9a89af91e75340129f568a9abd02c7d86e1530471de71343d9477451a7} off, 1+1). Through the same build process, the company also repurposed ads for online publishing and store print signage, thereby, saving the prior steps of PDF reformatting, which often caused graphic integrity losses.Eden obtained in no time an overall unified and consistent process and display of their promotions across their channel outlets. Next on the project list is to repurpose these ads to the mobile channel – iPhones and iPads.

15 March 2013 – Legrand Canada boosts promotions using XC Ad Builder

Legrand is the world leader in electrical wiring devices with 150 offices worldwide.The small marketing team in Canada needed to prepare full-page catalogs, Tri-fold flyers, and TV signage for 21 products in both English and French. By entering the image and copy database for the products in a single Excel sheet and using a few InDesign templates, they were able to produce cross-channel materials for print, online PDFs, online flip magazines and TV signage to run at their distribution.Since most of these production requirements came up after the initial promotion was launched meeting the deadline within just a couple of days with all required ads production would not have been possible without automation. View Legrand’s flip magazine.

9 February 2013 – Alpha 1 Marketing produces multiple version supermarket circulars with xCircular

Alpha 1 Marketing services over 350 supermarkets and medium sized food markets in the New York Metro region.xCircular is now in production with all six banners, building targeted promotional weekly circulars for all the stores. The data for these banners are extracted from an in-house merchandising system and merged into Excel. From Excel the data feeds into XC Ad Builder, which creates InDesign files ranging between 4-12 pages. On the fly, XC is able to create automatically different versions to accommodate special prices for loyalty card members

With xCircular, we turn-in offers directly to media space and displays, and immediately get our ads for approval, already laid out, sized and styled according to our creative style guide. Last minute changes are fast and easy
Liron Nachum, Advertising, Shufersal & Sivan Lihman, Marketing, Shufersal