MS Excel Import

Your journey on XC Showroom PCM starts with the familiar Microsoft Excel. This easy way to initially organize your lists of product information and assets and import them into xCircular platform and applications.
Whether you load web links, asset files, marketing and product information into XC Showroom PCM or you set ad creation rules for XC Ad Builder tools, MS-Excel will be your familiar tool and starting point…

Cloud Services & Productivity Tools
xCircular provides the Cloud platform to store your digital assets and
product information, and create new ads automatically using these assets
Cross-channel Deliverables
xCircular tools enable you to automatically create your digital and print ads to target channels,
consistently using your branding guidelines, and resulting in unbelievable time savings
Online Shopping Apps
To grab attention in today's digital marketing world you need more than image and copy.
xCircular shopping apps will elevate your digital ads with dynamic interactivity and personalization.
Professional services
Implementing a new system and new concepts require professional support,
xCircular’s professional service experts are ready to support your upcoming projects