MS Excel Import

Start from your familiar and powerful Excel software. The easiest way to organize your lists of assets and items will be a good start for importing new data into xCircular management applications.

Whether you load web links, asset files, marketing and product information into XC DAM or you set ad building and layout rules for XC Ad Builder plug-in in Adobe InDesign, Excel is your perfect base point to start from…

Management apps
xCircular provides the solutions to store your digital assets and related product information on the cloud, and create new ads automatically using existing assets
Cross-channel Deliverables
Xcircular automation tools allow you to create any type and size of ads for all your target channels in the consistent guidelines that your branding requires, and with unbelievable time savings.
Online Shopping Apps
To grab attention in today's digital marketing world you need more than image and copy. xCircular shopping apps will elevate your digital ads by implementing dynamic interactivity and personalization.
Professional services
From our experience implementing a new system and a new concept requires professional support. We at xCircular will be happy to support your project with our professional services.