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Create automatically cross-channel promotional ads

The Problem We Solve

Retail advertisers are facing a challenge of reaching their customers via a growing number of communication channels, drawing their attention and driving them to buy. To name a few of these channels: print promotions, coupons by mail or attached in newspapers, digital coupons via email and online, purchased advertising in print publications, web sites and pay-per-click ads in search engines and social media, in-store print or TV signage, and mobile ads that span over a variety of sizes.

The ways shoppers find information and make their buying decisions vary, new competition from e-commerce operators, more new types of tablets and smart phones – all add to the complexity of properly reaching the customer.

xCircular addresses this complexity by offering retail advertisers innovative productivity and automation tools to streamline the creation of large amounts of promotional ads and to increase the reach to their customers.

Retail advertising automation is here!

Productivity stems from automating the repetitive process of creating and updating promotional ads. Automation saves time, saves resources, helps meeting deadlines and eliminates errors in the process.
xCircular has designed innovative solutions using best-of-breed, industry-standard tools in the advertising world. By leveraging HTML editors and Adobe InDesign® the user can use creative and on-brand layout templates in order to populate them repetitively with varying product contents and assets.
All the manual work of populating HTML or Adobe templates with product content and assets or translated copy to several languages can now be completely automated. Instead of spending days and weeks and in versioning ads for different regions and stores or localize ads for multi-lingual audience, lay back and watch XC Ad Builders automatically create your hundreds of online ad spots in seconds and print ads in minutes.

xCircular provides two similar ad builder tools:

XC InDesign Ad Builder – this tool enables to create using Adobe InDesign high-quality print flyers, coupons, catalogs, store signage and full product catalogs. The tool includes an InDesign plug-in that populates InDesign templates with product information and images and outputs InDesign or PDF files.
XC HTML Ad Builder – this tool enables to create using HTML5 editor online HTML ad banners. The tool populates a selected HTML template with multiple products’ information and images and outputs HTML files.
The process using either of these two tools is the same.

How XC Ad Builders work?

Step 1 – The template
Select one of the templates in the library, or create your on-brand template for the target output you wish.
The template should be an InDesign file for use by XC InDesign Ad Builder, or an HTML template file for use by XC HTML Ad Builder. Templates are designed for flyers, coupons, store signage, TV signage, stickers, catalogs, business cards, or for any repeatedly populated graphic output.
Step 2 – The content
You want to create tens or hundreds of product ads using content data fed into your selected template. The easy way to gather the data is by exporting from another system into an Excel file. The file should include all the data fields taking part in populating the template, image filenames or URLs of images to be embedded per each ad. Other input data could be CSV, XML or JSON files.
Step 3 – Ad building
Open the XC Ad Builder tool, specify the template to be used and the content file to be imported, activate the Build process and watch the ad build process in front of your eyes and the new files saved in the target folder. We recommend to pilot the ad building with a handful of product data in order to verify the process or tweak the template or data fields as necessary before committing to a long process which may result in inaccurate ads.
Step 4 – The result ad files
The resulting files in HTML or PDF format are saved in the target folder. You can upload these files into XC DAM & PIM for final approvals or use.

XC Ad Builder client components are compatible with Windows and Mac. See System Requirements.

* Adobe InDesign and Adobe Air are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc. and Microsoft Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

For more information about XC Ad Builder contact info@xcircular.com

Weekly retail circulars could be automatically created for print using XC Ad Builder.
At the same time online flipping circulars are created along with in-store signage, personalized coupons received in print, via email and on mobile – all supporting the promotion campaign.