Automatically Creating Cross-Channel Promotional Ads

XC Ad Builder

The Problem We Solve

Retail advertisers are facing a challenge of reaching their customers via a growing number of communication channels, drawing their attention and driving them to buy. To name a few of these channels: print promotions, coupons by mail or attached in newspapers, digital coupons via email and online, purchased advertising in print publications, web sites and pay-per-click ads in search engines and social media, in-store print or TV signage, and mobile ads that span over a variety of sizes.

The ways shoppers find information and make their buying decisions vary, new competition from e-commerce operators, more new types of tablets and smart phones – all add to the complexity of properly reaching the customer.

xCircular addresses this complexity by offering retail advertisers innovative productivity and automation tools to streamline the creation of large amounts of promotional ads and to increase the reach to their customers.

Retail Advertising Automation is Here

Productivity stems from automating the repetitive process of creating and updating promotional ads – to save time, resources and eliminate errors. xCircular has designed practical innovative solutions using best-of-breed, industry-standard tools in the advertising world. By leveraging Adobe InDesign® the user can create creative layout templates to fit item images and copy repetitively. By using Microsoft Excel® users can create their item database easily. Combining the database and the related graphic templates, ad creation is automated – resulting in hundreds of ad spots and pages in minutes.

How Does XC Ad Builder Work?

XC Ad Builder is a multi-channel, on-demand, creative page layout technology designed for promotional circulars and catalogs. Its components:

XC for InDesign is an Adobe InDesign plug-in, for designing and managing your creative templates. It maintains your style guide, which provides the graphical look and feel of the promotion (for example, the style to apply to BOGO or % OFF offers, etc.). In these creative templates, you insert tags as place holders for content to be inserted later from the data feed. Later, you use it to publish your finished publication

XC for Excel is a Microsoft Excel plug-in, which imports your campaign product data and through which you create your Formula Book – the worksheet that defines the mapping of the fields in the Excel database to the InDesign template tags. By simply editing the campaign’s products and offers database in Microsoft Excel you can apply the changes into the InDesign templates and create updated versions of your promotions.

XC Campaign Manager Manager is where the Data and the Templates meet. In this component you schedule your campaigns on a calendar, set rules for pagination and synchronization, sketch your layout on a variable grid whiteboard, allocate space to various ad sections, edit content, manage the ad images, allocate media or display space to merchandise, and much more.

XC Server manages the automatic ad creation process. XC Server can be placed on-site or on the cloud.

XC Ad Builder client components are compatible with Windows and Mac. See System Requirements.

* Adobe InDesign and Adobe Air are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc. and Microsoft Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

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Weekly retail circulars could be automatically created for print using XC Ad Builder.
At the same time online flipping circulars are created along with in-store signage, personalized coupons received in print, via email and on mobile – all supporting the promotion campaign.