XC DAM is xCircular’s cloud-based Digital Asset Management system, the foundation for cross-channel ad creation.

Our focus is to provide added value and time saving functionality for marketing professionals using simple browsers, without the need for overly-sophisticated and computationally complex tools.

You will find XC DAM very visual, user friendly, screen space efficient and time saving. More importantly, XC DAM provides you with useful production tools for your cross-channel advertising.

XC DAM – Features Overview

Cloud-based PIM & DAM
Store all your assets in the cloud:
marketing collateral and publications, audio and video clips, and more!

No Software Download
No downloads, no IT support, no backup necessary, no compatibility issues, always up to date software versions It just simply works from any browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox)

24/7 Availability Anywhere
Cloud service means you can enter your account, create new ads or edit existing ones from any device at any time – even when you are away travelling.

Corporate Accounts
Set up a corporate account, in which several business units get selective read/write/delete permissions to load and share assets within the corporate or with external vendors and customers.

Access Control
Control access permissions to employees, collaborating vendors, freelancers and customers outside your company. Use roles within your organization to manage read, write, up/download permissions.

Sharing files

Each asset has a unique ID and URL. Share assets:
  • Via email if file size is 5MB or less
  • URL to a recipient for file download

Product & Asset Database
In XC DAM asset files are connected to a higher level product database. Import product data from corporate IT systems or manually add in marketing copy that serves the ad creation process.

File Version Control
Always use the most up-to-date version of a logo, image, document, or any asset. Upload new versions and manage version history easily. Restore previous versions with just one click.

Auto-tagging Methods

  • Import tags per product or asset
  • User added tags per product or asset
  • Upload added tags with date, user, and business unit data.
  • Ad creation process indexing all the words in the ad copy ready for search.

Internal and External Search
XC DAM provides fast search for tags and keywords within the system. XC DAM also can make these tags available to the Google search engine.

File Views
Review selected files in different views:

  • Thumbnail view optimizes screen area
  • View details, filter data in Tabular view
  • Sort and filter assets in Detail view
  • Focus on product images in Carousel view

Data Filters
Quickly filter data In tabular view by creation date, last modified date, by file format, file size, file resolution any other field.

File Conversions
Convert asset files from one format to another. Convert ads and assets to JPG, PNG, GIF and more.

We at xCircular are working on our next version of XC DAM that will include additional functionality such as Email Alerts, Reports, Analytics, Collaboration tools Tools and unique ad creation capabilities.

XC Tools for Ad Creation

XC Image Composer
If you are in marketing of a retail or wholesale company or you market products to this type of companies, XC Image Composer was designed for you. It creates fast navigation through images, changing the future of mobile ads. Learn more

XC Ad Builder
Retail advertisers are facing a challenge of reaching their customers via a growing number of communication channels, drawing their attention and driving them to buy. XC Ad Builder is a suite of software tools to automatically build graphical cross-channel promotional ads out of your Excel file or Database. Learn more

Remember, XC DAM is beyond Digital Asset Management, it is the foundation for automatic content creation using innovative imaging tools.

For more information contact info@xcircular.com