Image Composer

Creates Fast Navigation Through Images, Changing The Future Of Mobile Ads

If you are in marketing in a retail or wholesale company or you market products to these types of companies, XC Image Composer was designed for you. Improve the user experience and click-thru rates of your mobile users by removing all the menu layers they have to navigate and allowing them to click through “hot spots” on the image to reach their desired item on sale. XC Image Composer is a productivity tool which reliably and instantly automates the composition of multi-product images into a single adaptive visual. Call outs for messages explaining the product category or providing promotional or discount information enhance the image composition to become usable for e-commerce. When a few such image compositions are positioned in sequence this is when the magic happens and where you start enjoying the experience. Your entire virtual store appears in front of your eyes, on any device, ready to select and add to the shopping cart. No more lengthy menu selection to reach your product of interest, just scroll down to your category, easily locate your product image, click it and you are ready to buy it.

The best part is that the creation of personalized image compositions and virtual stores is done automatically and in real timevia XC cloud service resulting in HTML5 output that runs on all devices.


  • Powerful patent pending technology.
  • Improved user experience – users find what they are looking for with minimal clicks and scrolls.
  • Media space saving – more ad impact in less screen real-estate.
  • BandwidthSaving – a single html page saves downloading of multiple pages along the selection or search menus.
  • Usage time Saving – faster experience to the shopping cart and check out.
  • Setup time Saving – no time spent on graphic design and studio photography.
  • Cloud service – Consistent, in real-time, scalable, low cost, no IT costs.
  • Easy updates – Instant control onimage and copy content changes.
  • HTML5 – Means that it runs natively on any device, browser and operating system.
  • Adaptive – Output adapts to any screen size, portrait and landscape formats, zoom-in on the fly.
  • Personalized ads – Creates multiple versions with personal content, size and language from a database.



  1. Web product categories – Create image compositions of product families from individual product images, without the need for photography or graphic design.
  2. My Personal Basket – Create personal mobile / email coupons with all products of interest in a single interactive image.
  3. My Coupons – automate massive amounts and frequent compositions for large variety of product images for real-time coupons.
  4. My Virtual Store – By using images for products and compositions for categories display a full virtual store on one page.

xCircular’s unique image composition algorithm is extremely adaptive to fit a broad range of requirements. It runs on XC Cloud Server and can be accessed through mobile apps on all types of devices.

 Adaptive Features

  • Images – Upload a list of images to create image compositions with any selected background and optional call outs.
  • Size – created to fit any requested display size.
  • Layout – Automatically arrange your selected images in a large variety of layout formats with a rich set of composition options.
  • File Formats – Can create a variety of output formats, including HTML5 item spots which are interactive within the composition.
  • Call Outs – add texts to describe the product category or promote special pricing and discount offering.
  • Sequence Compositions – define the sequence of your image compositions per product category to create your virtual store.

Interaction Methods:

  1. XC Cloud Service API – allows feeding data from a corporate database and receiving HTML5 results in return
  2. XC PIM & DAM– Create compositions from your Digital Asset Management account via GUI from any Internet and browser

XC Image Composer truly changes the way of creating personalized coupons for mobile…

A composed image worth thousands of words…