Elevate the user experience on smart phones, by using XC Mobile Shopper !

XC Shopper

XC Shopper  is a set of applications, enabling retail customers to consume promotional ads and coupons on three most commonly used and distinctly different marketing channels – Print, Web and Mobile. It provides great shopping experience on the promo landing page, within a limited media space. It saves the user scrolling, hyperlinks and menu navigation layers. Most importantly, the tools enable real time creation of personalized promotional ads.

* Note that we included Tablets in the Web channel and not in the Mobile channel due to their larger screen size enabling end users full browsing experience.

The set of tools that engage:

  • XC Ad Builder creates and updates cross-channel ad spots and ad pages
  • XC DAM is the cloud system that manages and allows sharing all ad files
  • XC Image Composer creates in real-time attractive visual compositions as interactive promotions for retail customers
  • XC Shopper includes tools that enable personalized promotions in three types of channels:
  • XC Print Shopper allows browsing a Flip Circular ready for quality print
  • XC Web Shopper allows creation of dynamic flip circulars including videos, animations, dynamic effects and image compositions
  • XC Mobile Shopper tools for better end users interaction on smart phones when using shopping cart and coupon wallet. Promotions are adaptive to any mobile screen size and orientation.


XC Shopper – Output Examples:

Sears (ShopYourWay.com) Category Banner – Each Item is clickable, linking to a product page.

Flipping Promotional Circular Dynamic flip Circulars, with single item interaction, animation, audio and video
Options for shopping and social media features.

Cross-channel publishing made fast, scalable and consistent.