Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on our XC Services, XC Showroom and connecting with us.

How do I use the credit points that I purchased?

Your purchased credit points are saved in your account like your money is saved in your bank account. Every time you consume an XC service the cost of the service will be deducted from your account, and you will be notified to buy more credits if you are trying to consume services with value higher than your account balance. You are in control of your credit points.

Can I get a refund on my remaining balance?

Can I transfer credit points to another user?

Why hi-res result files are more expensive than low-res files?

XC Showroom PCM

Enterprise Level Product Content Management Platform from the Cloud

Our B2B platform enables large enterprises as well as SMB’s to manage their product data and media throughout their supply chain, from suppliers through marketing channels and to end-customers.

Marketing teams that already have a PCM system in place in their organizations will find it easy to integrate this platform as an extension to their PCM and benefit from its unique features.

our unique features include automatic data syndication, advanced taxonomy, products and variants, image compositions, product showrooms and more.

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XC Online Studio

A variety of on-demand graphic and Image processing services from our Shopify site

How could we port and scale the manual graphical and image processing services that we have provided to our customers in the past two decades?

This is what our new XC Online Studio is about.

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