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Services for B2C

We at xCircular want to make life easier for consumers who love photography and graphic design.

Our three-decade-long experience in image processing and graphic design providing studio services encouraged us to bring this know-how to online users, and in most cases as you will see, for free.

We have extended our B2B product content management platform to Online Studio Services that could be easily consumed via a browser by anyone on any device.  We have patented our Image Composition algorithm. and with additional AI Deep Learning algorithms we are bringing you, the consumer, a number of exciting services in our XC Online Studio. 

Amateur Photographers

Nowadays, any smartphone user is also an amateur photographer. We shoot endless photos to select just the few that we find worthy of posting on social media.
Family, friends, vacation, work, travel, portraits, pets, landscape photos. You name it!

XC helps you remove or replace images' background of select photos. You could resize and crop your subject photos either one at a time manually or in large numbers automatically.

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Professional Photographers

You want to focus on what you do best and what could earn you the most. When it comes to correcting, color adjusting, managing 360 product spins, resizing and cropping your daily catch of photos, you wish you could delegate these tasks to someone else.

Well, you reached the right place! We can help you!

XC Online Studio brings you some productivity services that will save you tons of time correcting hundreds of photos automatically at once.

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Graphic Designers

You work with well-known, industry-standard solutions like Adobe, Apple and others. If you are involved in jobs requiring product photography and 3D rendering in bulk you will admit that these tasks are mostly manual and time consuming.

We understand your need, we empathize with your load. xCircular is committed to provide productivity solutions for graphic professionals like you!

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Web Shop Owners

You have launched your web shop on Shopify or WooCommerce or Wix or another platform. Now you need to load your products and make sure their photos look good and consistent.

xCircular could help you process product photos to obtain your desired results. Create product group photos, remove image backgrounds, resize and crop photos and make color corrections on your photos in bulk.

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