XC Showroom PCM
End-to-End Digital Product Content Management Platform

Main Features Overview

Work from the Cloud 24/7

Work entirely and store all your product data and media assets securely in the cloud. No software downloads, no worries about backup and only minimal IT support.

Connections to other Systems

Connect to other systems such as ERP, PCM, e-commerce, and external data hubs

Your account connects to your supply chain

Open your account, set your users and your supply chain partner vendors and customers

Advanced Permissions

Control all permissions to employees, collaborating vendors, freelancers and customers outside your company.

Product Data Syndication

Distribute all of your product content through a single Cloud-based platform to e-commerce. Request from your manufacturers and brand vendors to automatically push up-to-date and full product data to you.

Advanced Taxonomy

Define where your products reside in the universal taxonomy tree. Develop your product properties by mandatory and optional fields. Enable product compares, reviews and differentiating features.

Scheduled Tasks and Alerts

A true time saver. Schedule and automate periodical data and media import/export, conversion and processing across systems.

Internal and External Search

Advanced search with filters or Search import from Excel will result in any content you search within seconds

Sharing Asset files

Store all your media includeing Adobe, MS-Office, video and audio files. Search, tag and preview in multiple ways.

Product Data and Media

A full PCM that becomes the source of truth for everyone inside and outside the organization. Manage Products with color and size variants with all their related media.

Auto-tagging Methods

Not only add tags manually but inherit from link items and merge tags in product image compositions.

File Version Control

Always use the most up-to-date version of a logo, or asset. Upload new versions and manage version history.

Analytics & Reports

Detailed usage reports will give you insight on your users work with the system.

XC Professional Services & XC Online Studio

Our professional services are available to improve your product content quality and sharing options. See the new XC Online Studio services and learn how to use them easily.